“Friend Of The Family” and…

Today I start recording “Friend Of The Family” for just solo guitar and vocal, in the same spirit as the rest of the songs I’m recording for my latest CD. All songs are in the solo singer/songwriter mode, just me playing guitar and vocal. It’s an intimate sound that I’m liking a lot. It was suggested by my Annie since that’s what she enjoys most from me these days and there are probably quite a few other friends, family and fans who would agree. I am good with that.

I recorded this song a long time ago with a very low-tech set-up and it’s not a very satisfying recording over the long haul. This redux is intended to get it down once and for all in a “no excuses” way. I hate playing my recorded creations for people and feeling like I have to explain why it’s not what I’d like it to be. Thankfully, technology having evolved as it has, I now have resources available to me to make it happen, if not in a “audiophilic” way, at least at a good enough quality that I don’t have to make any excuses for it. I can just put it on and let it speak for itself.

…and… I will be continuing to explore my re-entry into fuller website related activities and move forward on sites and materials for online use. I will be taking over Bob Dill Guitars‘ site right away. I can’t wait to grow it since Bob and Alexa Dill are great friends of mine and I love the guitars Bob makes, including my favorite guitar EVER, my cedar and myrtlewood Bob Dill acoustic guitar (shown below in the awesome Columbia Gorge)!



Until tomorrow my friends…


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