T.C. O’Leary’s & Shepherd’s Pie

Sittin’ now at T.C.O’Leary’s on Alberta in Portland, OR having a Guinness and Shepherd’s Pie. And diggin’ it. It’s a lovely evening and it’s good to make this sidewalk picnic table out front my office for a couple of hours while I wait for my gal Annie to do her “Art In The Pearl” meeting. Good beer and good S.P. while waiting in this comfortable setting is pretty sweet I must say.

Last weekend I played at the aforementioned “Art In The Pearl” (to be referred to as AITP from here on in). It’s a wonderful, pretty dang big art and music show in Portland’s Pearl District. Lots of amazing artists and their fantastic art and the songwriter’s stage that showcased 20 wonderful singer/songwriters. I was lucky enough to be able to share my music and to accompany the magical and amazing Moe Dixon for his show as well. The weekend could hardly have gone better, EXCEPT, the smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia Gorge did make it’s way into the area on Labor Day enough to dampen the spirit and size of the crowd a bit. Not to worry however, overall it was a great and successful event for us musically and for the artists as well as far as I could tell.

Ok, that’s what I’m doing personally, but now it’s time to get back to work on this new site and venture. Talk to you again soon.

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