Ahhh… RAIN!

Oh yes, we finally have had rain, sweet rain for a few days, and it’s WONDERFUL!

For weeks it’s been hot and dry, and tragically some foolish kids played with fireworks on the beautiful Eagle Creek trail and guess what? FIRE! Yeah, I know, right? How could they not realize the extreme danger in what they were doing!?!? What a horrible, painful “live and learn” thing it’s been. My god, our incredible Columbia Gorge has been defaced, torched, scorched, denuded, burnt… and the smoke!! We’ve all been suffering from the inhalation and we’ve had to escape, locking ourselves up in our homes, cars and whatever else to try not to breathe it in, and it was hot of course, so it’s been pretty miserable and disheartening to get through it all. We cross our fingers that the rain will take care of the fire and begin to the long and painful recovery process. Our hearts are with our Mother Earth and all the creatures (humans included) that have suffered and had their lives changed forever!

On a brighter note, I’m still creating and recording new things. Check out my new “Wedding” page on kitgaroutte.com. I am getting back into playing for these type of events after a long hiatus away from the casuals I played as my primary business for many years. I am feeling fresh again and able to provide a high quality of service once again. I have to admit, despite all the challenges that can arise from dealing with such important events in people’s lives it can be very satisfying to help make it the most special and memorable time many will ever experience.

I’ve also been continuing with my latest recorded collection. I’ll put up some samples soon. Right now it’s time to think about getting out of town for a couple of days with my Annie…

Yes, bright and early tomorrow morning we’re heading off to the coast for a few days. We are both craving a change of scenery and fresh air after a long siege with the fires and smoke and all. We are SOOOOOO ready! So… without further ado…

Talk to you again soon by friends!


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