Cape Disappointment – NOT disappointing

Hey y’all,

Coming to you from Cape Disappointment where Annie and I (and the Squeekster…) are taking a couple of days to play and freshen up after all the fire and smoke and stress in our beautiful Gorge. It’s great! The weather was beautiful yesterday afternoon when we arrived and stayed nice through the evening…

The panorama above was taken at the little beach cove a short walk from our little cabin. Pretty sweet. The dog got a great runaround and we got to breath some fresh air and watch the cormorants, a sea lion, a couple of surfers (not much surf though…) and some ships and boats crossing the Columbia River bar. Ahhhhh… felt so good.

Anyway, we’re vacationing, so I’d better sign off. Just had to get a notice up about the gig Moe Dixon and I are playing at Maryhill Winery this saturday, 1-5 pm.


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2 Responses to Cape Disappointment – NOT disappointing

  1. Mary Helen Garoutte says:

    I’m glad to hear it is not a disappointment….

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