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Good morning y’all! We’re back home in the Gorge now after taking a few days to relax and recharge at the coast and points in-between there and here. It was an effective plan since we are indeed recharged and back at it now.

Yesterday was a lot of fun too! Moe and I played on the Terrace at Maryhill Winery from 1 ’til 5 pm. There was a generous crowd despite a bit of residual smoke and the limitations of the “just reopening freeway” along the Oregon side of the big river. We made a strong connection with quite a number of new fans and visited with a few ‘old’ ones. We enjoyed the strong connection as everyone joined in and spent their afternoon with us. It’s such a pleasure to combine our varied skills and joys to facilitate music that moves through us all from the “Big Flow” outward to all those ready to share in it! Yeah, baby. When it was all said and done we were “happily spent.”

Today will be a combination of business and pleasure. This morning we’re working on our various “work” and creative pursuits to catch up and move forward, while this afternoon the plan is to get outdoors a bit on this beautiful day and get a little exercise and pleasure for ourselves and out cherished critters. In this crazy time we live in it’s more important than ever to embrace these joys isn’t it? There are challenging times ahead (to say the least) so we try to stay up on what’s happening and try to understand the best way forward. It can be daunting and disheartening to deal with the insanity that is afoot in the world but we are determined to find a balance between the joys and the terrors and stay positive going forward. We’re all in this thing together so let’s remember that we are all connected to everything… let’s treat ourselves and everyone, and everyTHING with love, respect and understanding.

Ok, back to it… We’ll talk again soon.

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