What a … World

Man, it’s crazy out there these days! It’s ever more difficult to keep a positive attitude what with the apparent lack of intelligence and sense of reality to understand the many challenges facing humanity, the lack of empathy, and compassion for our fellow humans, and especially regarding the one big thing that could put an end to us all — our continued blind race toward destroying our home by endlessly pumping deadly chemicals into our environment that accelerate the changing of the climate and stirring our weather to ever more extremes of heat and storm and… on top of that to have to listen to the Trumps and McConnell’s and Charlie Daniels and Steven Segal and Rush Limbaugh and all the fools who have no idea what’s really going on because they’re trying to take us back to the dark ages of white dominance and bigotry and misogyny and on and on…!! Wow, it’s just beyond belief.

Ok, gotta eat my breakfast now. It’s hot.

Had to vent a little. Thanks for listening.


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