Strength and Courage with Love

Let’s be straight. Life on this planet is going to get a lot more difficult before there’s a chance it will get better.

We’ve let this climate thing go so long now that the best we can hope for is to slow it down, even with drastic and immediate steps to change the factors that are caused by humans.

I am NOT a pessimist. I AM a realist however. As ninety some percent of scientists believe, we are firmly headed down the road and to deny it is to deny the facts and resulting projections, or “reality”, as best as our most educated and intelligent minds can figure. I have to agree that it’s virtually undeniable. We are living it now, and I am sorry to say conditions will continue to worsen.

Many folks apparently believe that this is some sort of conspiracy, or exaggeration, or just not in keeping with the idea that the world is as we would like to believe it is, which seems to be the new mantra for so many. Rather than try to convince the nay sayers, I will simply express my profound sadness and anger towards those of this head-in-the-sand attitude since it makes me feel that what should be theirs to have to suffer because of their beliefs is really ALL of ours to suffer.

What will be needed is strength and courage with love my friends. Strength to live with greater and greater challenges, mental and physical. Courage to stay hopeful and work toward a better future despite the daunting picture the clear and open mind may see. And we need all the love we can muster to cope with the varied viewpoints that will ever resist bringing consensus to deal with things in a timely and effective way.

I won’t dwell on this issue in the days and months and years ahead. For myself I will do my best to be strong and courageous, and I will try to understand and love all life and living things with the hope that we, as a people, and in the bigger picture as a living system, are and will become what we do, and that we will somehow find a way to do better.

Here’s hoping for the best for us all.

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