Status Update

Since I have had inquiries regarding some health issues I’ve been discovering it seems appropriate to bring those of you who are interested up to date:
I have aortic stenosis, and of late a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease has been added to the mix. D’oh!
Originally my stenosis was characterized as “moderate to serious” based on symptoms and preliminary tests. After more rigorous examination and testing it has ben updated to “moderate.” However,  in the process of investigating why my symptoms seem a little more significant than would seem appropriate for that diagnosis, a stress test was performed on me a couple of days ago and apparently they found that I have cardiovascular disease.
These problems are genetic. Unbeknownst to anyone, I was born with a birth defect. My aortic valve has “two” instead of the usual three “leafs” that regulate blood flow. Two of mine are sort of fused together and operating sluggishly, and apparently have been my whole life. Most of the work is being done (and apparently done surprisingly well) by the one normal leaf. (“new leaf” pun anyone? ;-} ) Cardiovascular disease also runs in my family.
So, I will be undergoing a program of medication (beta blocker) and a 10-week monitored exercise program to suppress my adrenal reactions and strengthen my body so as to improve the effectiveness of my heart. If the program of medication and exercise goes well I should be able to stay on that for awhile, but if it’s not sufficient then a stint will have to be considered, and eventually (hopefully not for a good while…) surgery to replace the valve.
So, there it is. Such is life, eh? No worries. I still feel incredibly lucky to have the life that I have with my soul mate and wonderful friends and family! No complaints here. We’ll just take it a step at a time and all will be well.
Peace and long life my friends!

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