I’m back… sorta.

Hello all. Long time… I have backed off of the online stuff for awhile, so there hasn’t been anything new here for some time. So, tell us something we DON’T know, right? Yeah.

Ok. Here’s the new deal. I have struggled with the idea of having a site on kitgaroutte.NET as well as my original site on kitgaroutte.COM, but since I want to keep the rights to both domain names, and I hate to waste one, I DO have a site on each, with some crossover. And, guess what? I actually have a third I still haven’t used, at kitgaroutte.org. Yikes… Don’t know if anything will ever come of that one.

So… I had thought perhaps I would just boil it all down to my .com site, but obviously I haven’t done that. I have a couple of different pursuits, passions really, that I work at daily, music and art.

I suppose I either A) use one site for each, or else B) I’ll have some mixing and crossing over. Either way I suppose it could be confusing for users. A probably makes more sense, but my Blog is really the one thing that may have to be a crossover thing. My provider for my .com site doesn’t make blogging easy, but WordPress does, and that’s what I use for my .net site. So… (again with the “so…”?) maybe the best thing is just to start doing stuff and see where it leads.

Got that worked out. Stay tuned.

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Website facilitator, musician, composer and guitar, bass and ukulele instructor.
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