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Ridgefield, Washington is home now. Since March life has been centered around the nexus of the Ridgefield, Vancouver, Portland, and Tigard environs. All is good.

Playing opportunities are arising once again what with the diminishing of pandemic restrictions and all. Unfortunately that could change again if the resistance to vaccination continues at anything close to the level we’re seeing now. I won’t get into the whole thing, but it would be a damn shame if we have to go backwards as a result.

The Wildlife Refuge here is awesome, though it’s hard to know when trails close temporarily. We’ve run into that several times. The walking paths are great. The old downtown area is quite nice.

Playing for the “Musicians in the Park” series here in Ridgefield is very cool and lots of fun.

Looking forward to returning to some “old” haunts in the Gorge to play music a few times this summer. Here’s the schedule so far. (Please note: you can change the month shown on the calendar to look ahead to August and beyond.)

On the medical front, I’m undergoing the TAVR procedure in a few days that should restore more normal heart function which should allow me to be more active, energetic and productive than has been the case for some years now. I’m really looking forward to that!

Anyway, life is pretty good for us around here these days despite some challenges, such as a water leak in the wall unit that occurred a few of months after we moved into our new home and dealing with the conflicting interests between the contractors and insurance company that has delayed and delayed our being able to get it all repaired. One tiny little unit that connected water to the line to the refrigerator’s ice maker (apparently a very common problem by the way…) has taken out our entire flooring on the main floor along with the cabinets and some of the wall at one end of the kitchen. Argggghhhhh!!

Oh well, “C’est la vie!” I guess…

That’s it for now…

Hopefully I’ll talk here again soon, or at least not TOO long from now, or… eventually? D’oh!

Yours truly in love and hope,


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