Less Social Media, More Peace and Productivity

Yeah, I’m gettin’ rid of more social media drain and focusing on creating music and paintings at my home studios. Aside from feeling hypocritical by supporting ever-more-socially-and-morally-damaging sites for my own benefit (as virtually non-existent as those benefits have become as I grow older and less inclined to grovel for fan support and financing while growing more philosophically evolved, I think… [?]), the time required to carry on in our sensation-hungry cutthroat commercial society is just not worth sacrificing time better spent on continued development of skills and quality of the creative work that so fulfills my soul.

So, the time I choose to spend on anything social-media-like will be focused on kitgaroutte.com and kitgaroutte.net, as well as the occasional video on YouTube. For now I have changed my Instagram page to private, but considering it’s a part of the despicable Meta empire I probably will decide to shut that down entirely before long as well.

It’s crazy to think any of this will actually be of any significance beyond my own well-being, but in good conscience I feel compelled NOT to contribute to the not so slow march to dystopia the mega-rich and powerful and leading us on. Perhaps all is just Que será, será, but ultimately I believe we are what we do and the world is what we make it.

That’s all for now. Be well, be safe, be smart.

About Kit

Website facilitator, musician, composer and guitar, bass and ukulele instructor.
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