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Website facilitator, musician, composer and guitar, bass and ukulele instructor.

Less Social Media, More Peace and Productivity

Yeah, I’m gettin’ rid of more social media drain and focusing on creating music and paintings at my home studios. Aside from feeling hypocritical by supporting ever-more-socially-and-morally-damaging sites for my own benefit (as virtually non-existent as those benefits have become … Continue reading

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Hope Always

Remember when things felt worth doing because the future looked bright? I remember, though just barely. These days it’s really challenging to retain a level of hope and excitement in the face of so many existential threats that, taken together … Continue reading

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Magic Is – the latest collection from Kit Garoutte

Magic Is Instead of my usual random thoughts and musings I thought I’d share a review of my latest CD/streaming effort, which I am proud and excited to share with as many of you as may be into it. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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Home Repairs, More Rain, Life & Our Animal Family

Home Repairs: This morning, Sunday morning, is a bit of a cacophony of sound and wetness as I enjoyed my morning coffee and cereal, and Ann her tea and peanut butter toast in my music studio on the second floor … Continue reading

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Welcome Rain, Music with Mr. Stowell, and “Dune”

It’s been raining for a few days now here in Ridgefield, and we’re happy about that. It looks like it will continue for days and that too is alright, assuming it doesn’t end up flooding and causing mayhem and all. … Continue reading

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Ridgefield Life

Ridgefield, Washington is home now. Since March life has been centered around the nexus of the Ridgefield, Vancouver, Portland, and Tigard environs. All is good. Playing opportunities are arising once again what with the diminishing of pandemic restrictions and all. … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and…

The Good It rained some last night, which is very good. We just planted our tomato starts, and they were a little shocked of course, so they were sagging a bit after being planted. We gave them some water, but … Continue reading

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Dirt Day

Yup, today is Dirt Day. We’re gonna be collecting some serious dirt. We’ve reached the point in our building of the new garden enclosure that requires an infusion of good, rich earth added before completion of the structure. The only thing … Continue reading

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This is a novel situation for me (no pun intended… or maybe a little intended.). Due to the nature of the challenge we are all facing, I, like “everyone else” have had my livelihood disrupted, cancelled, postponed indefinitely, so I … Continue reading

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Garden prep ongoing

We made progress on our new project to add a garden enclosure that will be safe from the deer today. A couple hours worth of work covered most of the remaining hard work. Detail work over the next day or … Continue reading

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