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Good morning y’all! We’re back home in the Gorge now after taking a few days to relax and recharge at the coast and points in-between there and here. It was an effective plan since we are indeed recharged and back at it now.

Yesterday was a lot of fun too! Moe and I played on the Terrace at Maryhill Winery from 1 ’til 5 pm. There was a generous crowd despite a bit of residual smoke and the limitations of the “just reopening freeway” along the Oregon side of the big river. We made a strong connection with quite a number of new fans and visited with a few ‘old’ ones. We enjoyed the strong connection as everyone joined in and spent their afternoon with us. It’s such a pleasure to combine our varied skills and joys to facilitate music that moves through us all from the “Big Flow” outward to all those ready to share in it! Yeah, baby. When it was all said and done we were “happily spent.”

Today will be a combination of business and pleasure. This morning we’re working on our various “work” and creative pursuits to catch up and move forward, while this afternoon the plan is to get outdoors a bit on this beautiful day and get a little exercise and pleasure for ourselves and out cherished critters. In this crazy time we live in it’s more important than ever to embrace these joys isn’t it? There are challenging times ahead (to say the least) so we try to stay up on what’s happening and try to understand the best way forward. It can be daunting and disheartening to deal with the insanity that is afoot in the world but we are determined to find a balance between the joys and the terrors and stay positive going forward. We’re all in this thing together so let’s remember that we are all connected to everything… let’s treat ourselves and everyone, and everyTHING with love, respect and understanding.

Ok, back to it… We’ll talk again soon.

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Cape Disappointment – NOT disappointing

Hey y’all,

Coming to you from Cape Disappointment where Annie and I (and the Squeekster…) are taking a couple of days to play and freshen up after all the fire and smoke and stress in our beautiful Gorge. It’s great! The weather was beautiful yesterday afternoon when we arrived and stayed nice through the evening…

The panorama above was taken at the little beach cove a short walk from our little cabin. Pretty sweet. The dog got a great runaround and we got to breath some fresh air and watch the cormorants, a sea lion, a couple of surfers (not much surf though…) and some ships and boats crossing the Columbia River bar. Ahhhhh… felt so good.

Anyway, we’re vacationing, so I’d better sign off. Just had to get a notice up about the gig Moe Dixon and I are playing at Maryhill Winery this saturday, 1-5 pm.


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Ahhh… RAIN!

Oh yes, we finally have had rain, sweet rain for a few days, and it’s WONDERFUL!

For weeks it’s been hot and dry, and tragically some foolish kids played with fireworks on the beautiful Eagle Creek trail and guess what? FIRE! Yeah, I know, right? How could they not realize the extreme danger in what they were doing!?!? What a horrible, painful “live and learn” thing it’s been. My god, our incredible Columbia Gorge has been defaced, torched, scorched, denuded, burnt… and the smoke!! We’ve all been suffering from the inhalation and we’ve had to escape, locking ourselves up in our homes, cars and whatever else to try not to breathe it in, and it was hot of course, so it’s been pretty miserable and disheartening to get through it all. We cross our fingers that the rain will take care of the fire and begin to the long and painful recovery process. Our hearts are with our Mother Earth and all the creatures (humans included) that have suffered and had their lives changed forever!

On a brighter note, I’m still creating and recording new things. Check out my new “Wedding” page on I am getting back into playing for these type of events after a long hiatus away from the casuals I played as my primary business for many years. I am feeling fresh again and able to provide a high quality of service once again. I have to admit, despite all the challenges that can arise from dealing with such important events in people’s lives it can be very satisfying to help make it the most special and memorable time many will ever experience.

I’ve also been continuing with my latest recorded collection. I’ll put up some samples soon. Right now it’s time to think about getting out of town for a couple of days with my Annie…

Yes, bright and early tomorrow morning we’re heading off to the coast for a few days. We are both craving a change of scenery and fresh air after a long siege with the fires and smoke and all. We are SOOOOOO ready! So… without further ado…

Talk to you again soon by friends!


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“Friend Of The Family” and…

Today I start recording “Friend Of The Family” for just solo guitar and vocal, in the same spirit as the rest of the songs I’m recording for my latest CD. All songs are in the solo singer/songwriter mode, just me playing guitar and vocal. It’s an intimate sound that I’m liking a lot. It was suggested by my Annie since that’s what she enjoys most from me these days and there are probably quite a few other friends, family and fans who would agree. I am good with that.

I recorded this song a long time ago with a very low-tech set-up and it’s not a very satisfying recording over the long haul. This redux is intended to get it down once and for all in a “no excuses” way. I hate playing my recorded creations for people and feeling like I have to explain why it’s not what I’d like it to be. Thankfully, technology having evolved as it has, I now have resources available to me to make it happen, if not in a “audiophilic” way, at least at a good enough quality that I don’t have to make any excuses for it. I can just put it on and let it speak for itself.

…and… I will be continuing to explore my re-entry into fuller website related activities and move forward on sites and materials for online use. I will be taking over Bob Dill Guitars‘ site right away. I can’t wait to grow it since Bob and Alexa Dill are great friends of mine and I love the guitars Bob makes, including my favorite guitar EVER, my cedar and myrtlewood Bob Dill acoustic guitar (shown below in the awesome Columbia Gorge)!



Until tomorrow my friends…


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T.C. O’Leary’s & Shepherd’s Pie

Sittin’ now at T.C.O’Leary’s on Alberta in Portland, OR having a Guinness and Shepherd’s Pie. And diggin’ it. It’s a lovely evening and it’s good to make this sidewalk picnic table out front my office for a couple of hours while I wait for my gal Annie to do her “Art In The Pearl” meeting. Good beer and good S.P. while waiting in this comfortable setting is pretty sweet I must say.

Last weekend I played at the aforementioned “Art In The Pearl” (to be referred to as AITP from here on in). It’s a wonderful, pretty dang big art and music show in Portland’s Pearl District. Lots of amazing artists and their fantastic art and the songwriter’s stage that showcased 20 wonderful singer/songwriters. I was lucky enough to be able to share my music and to accompany the magical and amazing Moe Dixon for his show as well. The weekend could hardly have gone better, EXCEPT, the smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia Gorge did make it’s way into the area on Labor Day enough to dampen the spirit and size of the crowd a bit. Not to worry however, overall it was a great and successful event for us musically and for the artists as well as far as I could tell.

Ok, that’s what I’m doing personally, but now it’s time to get back to work on this new site and venture. Talk to you again soon.

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Today I teach a couple of lessons, practice for a duo show on Friday and head to PDX with my gal to do our monthly supplies run and do a meeting and some online work. Except for the remaining smoke in the Gorge from the fire it should be a fun day.

First student just arrived so I’d better sign off and get at it.

Stay tuned…

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