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(First, an important note – you’re on Kit’s site, kitgaroutte.net, NOT kitgaroutte.com. Both are official Kit sites, and connected to each other here and there. I know, weird, but that’s just the way things worked out. Perhaps one day I’ll fix it… [Click here if you wish to go to kitgaroutte.com] This site is for my blog, guitar concepts and abstract art… For my music schedule, shows, basic bio/press/pictures, some teaching basics and more pics of art, kitgaroutte.com is another option.)

Here on kitgaroutte.net, when discussing Advanced Guitar Concepts it is assumed that anyone interested in exploring these concepts is already at least a moderately advanced thinker and guitar player, or you are someone to whom the more pattern-oriented approach utilized throughout is inherently within your perceptual comfort zone.

Much of the thinking herein is at least a little outside the standard methodology taught in traditional academia. It is a more conceptual approach than has been commonly accepted as the ideal guitar method.

This is also NOT a step-by-step, linear approach. The focus on these pages is on various concepts that can be understood on their own to a great degree, though at least a reasonably advanced background is helpful, assuming one’s mind and heart are open to variations of, and new ways of thinking and hearing sound.

It’s important to say that we are not interested, at this point, in considering the musical ramifications as to how this can be applied to a piece of music. Rather, we are interested in how to conceptualize and develop the ability to think abstractly about series of positions on the neck as a tool to enhance mastery of many of the core skills used in creative, advanced, highly skilled guitar playing.

So, you may ask, how is this helpful, and how shall one practice for maximum effect? Well, there’s no holistic answer to these questions, but I will do my best to answer one step at a time. The one thing that you can trust is that if you proceed and integrate the concepts we’ll cover through well-considered, mindful, consistent daily practice, your guitar playing can not help but improve, and hopefully improve dramatically over time.

I will be exploring while sharing, so things will grow and change, need corrections occasionally, have gaps in how things are connected, and who knows what, but if you’re interested in sharing the adventure, jump in and have at it.

If you have any feedback, thoughts, questions, corrections, points of discussion, etc., let me know. I welcome you and your creative thinking on this never-ending adventure!

Stay tuned my friends!

(REMINDER – as noted above, you’re on Kit’s site, kitgaroutte.net, NOT kitgaroutte.com. Both are official Kit sites, and connected to each other here and there. [Click here if you wish to go to kitgaroutte.com])

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