Abstract Paintings

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Image of "Flowest" painting

“Flowest” Acrylic on Canvas 16″ x 20″ SOLD

Creating visual art has been a lifelong passion, though until recently it always took a back seat to my musical endeavors, which was very demanding of my time. My life has changed in recent years in ways that now allow me to finally put an equal amount of time and effort into my art, and in particular it is abstract art that fascinates me.

Image of "Emergence"

“Emergence” Acrylic on Canvas 12″ x 16″ SOLD

I began sketching at an early age and have drawn extensively since. My early focus was portrait and figurative art, explored through drawing, printmaking, and painting, and later I explored computer art such as photo manipulation, vector-based illustration, three-dimensional and architectural drawing, as well as interactive and virtual reality projects.

image of "Alera" painting

“Alera” – Mixed media on wood panel 18″ x 24″ SOLD

I have been inspired by many artists throughout my life, especially the works of abstract artists like Kandinsky, Pollock and Miro. Recently I have been working with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas, wood and other surfaces. I am really in love with it!


“Farland” – Mixed media on wood panel 48″ x 48″ – available at Northwest By Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR

My long passion for improvisation in music serves me well as I begin each piece by applying paint in some relatively loose and experimental way and then react to what’s been started. Every step is an improvised “call and response” with myself until I find whatever feels like the completed work.


“Changes” – Mixed media on wood panel 24″ x 36″ SOLD at Northwest By Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR

I am fascinated with the joys of process and I love that each person who views my art finds their own feelings and interpretations, their own story. I have my own feelings and thoughts about each, but expressing one particular interpretation is not my intention. I love providing the impetus for each person to find their own ‘thing” in the results, whether looking at it as a whole, or diving into particular areas and finding “small stories” amongst the elements. I feel the need to create music and art that can be revisited endlessly over the years, discovering something different, something new and exciting each time.


“A.I.” – Mixed media on wood panel 36″ x 48″ – available at White Salmon studios (kitgaroutte@gmail.com)

For me this kind of visual art, like improvisation, allows my complete absorption into the elemental flow of universal energy and creative magic that we exist within, and by letting go of the need to dictate what is created, the “flow” brings both myself and the viewer into connection with elemental creative forces of the imagination in an open and vibrant communication to enrich our lives, and our very souls.


“Connections” – Mixed media on wood panel 22″ x 36″ – available at White Salmon studios (kitgaroutte@gmail.com)

For the record: I have a degree in Art and Business and have shown my art at Eastern Oregon University gallery in La Grande, OR, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts in Lake Oswego, OR, the “Internal Dialogue: Abstract Art” show at the Columbia Arts Center in Hood River, OR, 301 Gallery in Hood River, and at the “Best of the Gorge” show at the Columbia Arts Center in Hood River. I currently show at Northwest by Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR, at Tarbar at Tarwater Tavern in White Salmon, OR and by appointment at my home studio in White Salmon (contact me at kitgaroutte@gmail.com).

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