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The Good, the Bad, and…

The Good It rained some last night, which is very good. We just planted our tomato starts, and they were a little shocked of course, so they were sagging a bit after being planted. We gave them some water, but … Continue reading

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Dirt Day

Yup, today is Dirt Day. We’re gonna be collecting some serious dirt. We’ve reached the point in our building of the new garden enclosure that requires an infusion of good, rich earth added before completion of the structure. The only thing … Continue reading

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This is a novel situation for me (no pun intended… or maybe a little intended.). Due to the nature of the challenge we are all facing, I, like “everyone else” have had my livelihood disrupted, cancelled, postponed indefinitely, so I … Continue reading

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Garden prep ongoing

We made progress on our new project to add a garden enclosure that will be safe from the deer today. A couple hours worth of work covered most of the remaining hard work. Detail work over the next day or … Continue reading

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New videos, new audio, and Stay At Home stuff…

…new videos to share, and notice of new recordings I’m doing, alone and with others remotely… Continue reading

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The Burn at the Barn

Perched high atop a high desert hill a couple of miles west of Mosier, Oregon, sits a magical barn, of sorts. In fact, it’s not really a barn at all. Continue reading

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I’m back… sorta.

Hello all. Long time… I have backed off of the online stuff for awhile, so there hasn’t been anything new here for some time. So, tell us something we DON’T know, right? Yeah. Ok. Here’s the new deal. I have … Continue reading

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I’m excited and (dare I say?) proud to announce the release of my latest CD, “Captured.” You can hear a few samples here. It’s a collection of original songs by myself and a few of my songwriting friends, Moe Dixon, … Continue reading

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La Grande Visit and Gorge Shows

Hey y’all, I’m coming to you from the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley wherein sits the town of my birth and youth, La Grande, Oregon. This weekend is a family visit to my parents’ place, where my folks have lived for … Continue reading

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Status Update

Since I have had inquiries regarding some health issues I’ve been discovering it seems appropriate to bring those of you who are interested up to date: I have aortic stenosis, and of late a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease has been … Continue reading

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